FredPlus - Free Relationships for Enterprise  Database


FredPlus is a cost effective (the software is free!) integrated Customer Relationship and Accounting package. There is a hosted version available for those who prefer to rent the hardware in the cloud rather than investing in their own servers. Being hosted for you means that you do not need to worry about updates to the software; backups of your data; changes to the VAT rates or rules as these are all accommodated as they are applied by the relevant authority. You will of course receive detailed notes on these changes before they occur. In addition to the core system there is a comprehensive set of extensions to the system, such as Stock Control, Bulk Waste Management and many others
Of special note is the development of a CLiC Configuration of FredPlus aimed at helping the Furniture Re-Use sector. Get in touch with us if you want more information on this

Each organisation subscribing to this service has their unique data within the SQL database, only accessible to their users. This level of compartmentalisation also provides a limited amount of organisation level customisation of the accounts processes and structure such as you would expect with a network installed solution. Each will have their own Chart of Accounts for example.

An alternative solution is available for those that prefer to use a networked system on their own servers. In this case they would download FREDS - the Free Relationship for Enterprise Database System. This permits a much wider range of customisation than the hosted system such as the addition of "objects" - completely self contained additional sections of the database for tracking additional facilities or processes

Build History Developers' notes on the builds and the changes made
Currently this only includes information on Versions 1 and 2. FredPlus 2 started with Build 490 and we are rapidly approaching Build 800 at the moment
Developer's Blog Developers' notes on the issues with the system and the changes
planned. Aspiring members of the FredPlus team should have a look here to see if there are ways they could contribute
Book-Keeping with FRED. Simple overview of the facilities within the Book-keeping modules
Contact Us with a question or issue. As the software is currently going through its major development phase, please use this route to request a copy of the SQL and dotNET code if that is your preferred route
Documentation and Manuals. All of the publicly available documentation on the system
Software Code. All of the SQL, Page Definitions, DLL source Code and Code Behind necessary to build a working copy of FredPlus on your own server
Functional Specification Signed off functional specification documents that have been written with and agreed with a group of users. These are used to control the final coding of the areas described
FredPlus Help. Help documentation

BETA Testers are invited to contribute their ideas at this stage. We really do want this to assist organisations in their delivery of quality services by reducing the time spent on administration and reducing the costs of the financial processes. If you want to help with Beta testing, or if you just want to get in on the early stages of the future development of this solution then please get in touch

We are also assembling a Volunteer Network of experienced IT Professionals who are prepared to commit some of their time to assisting various charities in their work. If this is something you want to help with then please contact us